Why should I register with Momentum?

Indian nurses are in high demand overseas because of their work culture. Registering with Momentum gives you the best chance of succeeding for overseas employment. You will also be constantly updated on the latest global developments in the nursing profession.

From the time I register, how long will it take till I receive job offers?

Processing times for domestic and UK employment will vary based on how quickly you can complete your IELTS and CBT exams. You should assume that from the date of registration and successful completion of our courses and exams, you should be ready to travel overseas within 7 to 9 months.

What would be the type and duration of UK visa that I will receive?

If you are successfully selected for employment in the UK, you will receive a Tier 2- Employment Based Immigrant Visa. This allows you to work in the hospital for a fixed period of 3 years. Your employer can extend your visa further.

What information do you require for registration?

Please enter your name and date of birth in the online form as per the details on your passport.

We would need your mobile and e-mail address for efficient communication with you. You can be assured that we do not share any personal data we receive.

In the address section, please enter an address where you can safely receive official documents from us.

What documents do I need to submit for registering at Momentum?

You would be required to upload the following documents in JPEG or PDF formats

  • B.Sc. Nursing degree
  • Certificate of nursing work experience
  • State Nursing Council registration


Please upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV) if you have one. A complete CV presents your address and contact details, your professional experience and your course of education. It is important that you tell us when you have gained professional experience. Moreover, you can express additional qualifications–such as language skills. You should send us a topical CV which does not consist of more than two pages.